Jewellery & Gift Engraving

We have the facilities to provide very high quality jewellery and gift engraving in our Lewes shop.

Our state of the art engraving machine is suitable for many types of gift items, jewellery, trophies and even glassware. We can engrave intricate designs such as logos and pictures on a wide range of products plus we can accommodate large sizes and are often able to provide the engraving service while you wait.

We are also able to receive items to be engraved in our Eastbourne shop.

Please ask about our engraving services in-store or online via our Ask Mr Clark form.

Engraving Example

Below is an example of a logo engraving we undertook for the Rotary Club of Lewes.

We were asked to engrave the Rotary International logo and the year won onto their glass trophy.

1. First we took the original Rotary logo and our in-house design team turned the colour file into a line drawing to ensure it will be readable by the engraving machine.

2. The line version of the Rotary logo.

Rotary Club logo Line version of logo

3. The space for engraving is marked out for the machine to then be able to engrave correctly.

4. The award is securely fixed into place and held firm for the engraving process to commence.

The engraving The award being engraved

Please see the further examples of engraving in our Case Studies.