Diamond Guarantee

Our 10 Year Diamond Guarantee offers complete peace of mind when you purchase diamond jewellery or diamond rings from W.E. Clark & Son. We recognise that the purchase of diamond jewellery or rings is a serious investment and it is certainly one which is worth protecting. That’s why, when you buy from W E Clark & Son we provide you with our 10 Year Diamond Guarantee.

Diamond Guarantee Explained

Here’s how our Diamond Guarantee works:

  • We guarantee to repair a damaged setting or even replace a lost stone.
  • Should you wish to trade the item in for something new, we will credit you with the full purchase price of your original purchase.
  • We will provide a free valuation of your diamond jewellery or ring every three years.

Terms and Conditions of the Diamond Guarantee

  1. We will contact you to bring your jewellery item in for inspection on a six-monthly basis.
  2. If we recommend repairs, they must be carried out in our workshops. Work carried out by another jeweller will invalidate your guarantee.

Diamond Valuation Update

Precious metal prices tend to fluctuate over the years, and it is important to have an accurate valuation for insurance purposes. So, to ensure that you have this, we will provide this for you every three years, again, free of charge within 48hrs. All we ask of you is to keep all the documentation relating to your diamond purchase to bring with you when the valuation is carried out.

Lifetime Trade-in for your Diamond

W.E. Clark & Son will guarantee a lifetime trade-in on your diamond purchase and will offset the original retail price, provided the new purchase is double the trade in value and the six month inspections are up to date and signed by an authorised sales associate of W.E.Clark & Son.


Original purchase price £1000.00
New purchase price £2500.00
Trade in Value £1000.00
Amount to Pay £1500.00

Lifetime Cleaning for your Diamond

We will professionally clean and polish your diamond ring or jewellery at your request for its lifetime duration and free of charge. It usually is not necessary to make an appointment for cleaning to be done, but if we are especially busy we will be happy to book your jewellery in for later collection.

Quality and Service you can Trust

With over four generations of experience selling diamond jewellery, our 10 year Diamond Guarantee is one more reason why you can trust W.E. Clark & Son with your next purchase.

The Clark Collection

We hand select all our diamonds and we sell only the best quality stones which we use to design and make our own range of exclusive diamond jewellery and rings. The Clark Collection.

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Clark Collection